Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wearing Black in Summer

Hello everyone!

Happy June, and happy summer time. Florida has been a mess of rain and heat. It rained for about 20 days straight, and now the temperature seems to be a constant 95.

That being said, most try to stray away from wearing black in the summer months. However, if you do it properly, you don't have to give up your go-to color.

I paired a gingham top with a black levi denim skirt. And while the skirt may seem a bit heavy, the material allows for me to not become as sweaty.

The top is very light, and cropped.

You can find the crop top here. The skirt here.

How do you wear black in the hottest season?

With Love, Emily.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lulu's Summer Wish list

This summer, I have a few projects I will be working on, and places to go. I can't wait to update my summer outfits to go with every cute trend I'm spotting.I picked out a few pieces from one of my favorite online stores: Lulu's. I gathered 3 top things I can't wait to purchase to give some ideas of what to wear this summer.
1. Button Down dresses. I love the classic look of these. They remind me of Ally from the notebook, and nothing gets better than that. 

2. Sandals, Sandals, more sandals. These are perfect for the summer to keep you from getting too hot, but making sure to stay in style. 
3. Simple necklaces. I love the layered look, so when a piece comes layered, it makes it that much easier for me. Simple is always elegant, and this rhinestone piece does just that. 

By using the link below, you can get a head start on your summer shopping with $15 off $150 and free shipping. 

Shop Lulu's and get $15 off with free shipping!

Have a safe summer, everyone.

With Love,

Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter Sunday

This Easter, we had some of our family come over for dinner. I helped make some lasagna and it actually turned out well.

This Easter, I paired a lilac dress with blue starfish sandals. It was 80 degrees that day, so this was the best fit. I also added a necklace that looked like a coral reef (my favorite part of the outfit). My bag is from nine west. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and blessed Spring.

With Love,

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Back to Blogging.


I have been MIA on this blog for quite a bit. About a year.

And while I will not go into great detail, life just became busy and hectic and keeping up was too difficult.

I am excited to say that I will begin blogging again! I am taking a bit of a break this summer from classes, and am looking forward to getting back on my blogging journey, for it has brought me so much joy to share my opinions and love of fashion with you all.

Thank you to all my followers.

With love,

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Break Favorites

Spring Break is quickly approaching and I plan to spend all my time outside, at the beach, hopefully becoming some-what tan instead of looking like a piece of printer paper.

With that being said, I have a few things I picked out that I feel are SB16 worthy.

I love the halter bathing suit and think it's super classic. Also, who doesn't need some cute sandals for walking around a beach town?

With Love,

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kylie Lip Kit

It took some time, and a lot of impatience, but I finally received my Kylie Lip Kit.

I have to say, I loved the packaging, and her design team did an amazing job. I have yet to use the kit just because I picked True Brown K, which is not an everyday color for me, however I like trying new lip colors and will probably mix it with a lighter color.

I am patiently awaiting her next launch for my chance to get Koko K, which is a nude pink, AKA my favorite lip shade of all time.

She also included a note in every box, explaining that she put her "heart and soul" in every product. Love it.

With Love,

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Happy February everyone!

I can't believe today is February 1. I feel like Christmas was yesterday. Life goes by so fast!

I decided that since in 13 days, it'll be one of my favorite holidays, Valentine's Day, I'd write a post giving some ideas for the day/night. Whether it be spending time with friends or out on a fancy date, I put together some ideas to help relieve the stress of looking good.

1. Casual
For this, I paired a cute striped sleeve tee with some ripped skinny jeans and a cute pair of ankle boots. To add some Valentines Day love, I added a red clutch to give a pop of color as well.

2. Dressed up Night Out
This would be perfect for a nice dinner out, or even if you're in the mood to dress up for the sake of the holiday. I picked two jumpsuits because they're classic, chic, and fit everyone in the right places. Again, to add the Valentines Day feeling, I added a pair of pink suede or red heels.

3. Dressed Up Casual
For the third look, this is for if you'd like to feel dressed up without the hassle of going full out. I put together a pair of dark maroon skinnies to be in the pink/red family, along with an off the shoulder black sweater, a simple black bag, and some basic black ankle strap heels
I hope these outfit ideas can aid you in some way this holiday, let me know what piece is your favorite from the three looks.

Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway, it was so much fun working with Shop Vitamin Sea. I'll definitely be hosting more in the future. 

With Love,