Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer 2015 favorites

So I haven't posted since Spring (way too long) between graduation and traveling it has been a bit harder. However, now that it is summer and I am getting ready for college I have some time to sit and post!

So for today's post I just wanted to mention some of my beauty favorites as well as some pieces either I own, or have seen on others that I LOVE.

First, my summer go to beauty product has been the High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer from Benefit. Considering during summer time it is much hotter and easier to stick to less makeup, I love this product. What is interesting is that this is so much less popular than the watts up highlighter. I have tried both and love the glowy effect that High beam has on my skin. Much easier to apply and also just gives a brighter look.

There has been a crop top I have been admiring for a while from LF boutique that I was iffy on buying. However one of my favorite bloggers got a similar one from DASH clothing and wrote a post on it on her blog. I love the way it fit on everyone who has worn it, and might buy one soon. Here is a photo of Amanda with it on:

With that, I decided to purchase a similar top from Savannah Montano's clothing line Disruptive Youth. It is cute with anything and I am looking into buying some high waisted pants to pair with it.Along with this top I decided on getting a cute pearl necklace that is a choker and you can dress up or down.

I have seen Savannah wear it a million times and feel like it is a piece that can be worn at all times. Make sure you give her shop a look, her style is awesome and she has some cute clothing listed as well as accessories. 

That is it for my current summer favorites but I am sure the list will grow in the next month. I will link Amanda's blog down below as well as Savannah's store. Hope everyone is having an amazing summer and stay cool!

With Love, 

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