Monday, August 24, 2015

Some Motivation for Starting School

Hi guys.

I started college last week, and this post has been on my mind for a few days.

I meet new people daily with new opinions and different backgrounds and so far it's been great. I love learning about people and seeing what makes them, them.

As school season begins, I just wanted to address the clothing aspect of this time of year. Fashion has been a large part of my life for a while now and I love to dress nicely. At school, I always like to dress the way I enjoy most. My personal style changes daily, and I am always looking for a new piece I love. 

With this being said, I do have days where leggings or just a plain t-shirt are an option. However, I found that when I wake up an get ready completely, a full outfit and makeup, it allows me to feel better about my day and feel put together. It even contributes to how I focus. 

There has always been an issue with how other people perceive you if you "dress up" or "dress fancy" everyday. There have been times I have been asked why I do always dress nice, and other times I receive compliments. My favorite response to them has been, "Well, I'm a fashion blogger."

Here comes my point. It is so easy to fall into the trap of caring way too much about other's opinions. I used to worry about those around me at school and how they felt about how I dress. After a while, I realized that I do not dress for them. I dress for me and the happiness it brings. If someone does not like my top that day, oh well for them, good thing they don't own it.

This year, do not be afraid to express who you are. May it be clothing, music, or just your personality in general, focus on what makes YOU happy. If you live authentic to yourself, the right people will come to you. Like Sadie Robertson says, "No matter what you want to do, confidence is the key."

Never be afraid to wear those awesome pair of pants or jam to My Chemical Romance every now and then. Make this school year YOURS.

With Love,

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